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anita brikman live with the story from mclean but begin with a preview. >> reporter: both vice president joe
debate. it's going on at 9:00. let's check in with anita brikman. she is down in mcclane, virginia, anita. >> reporter: it is going to be a busy newsroom as we watch this debate and fact check it. it's a different format with this town hall style. the audience members undecided voters themselves will be posing the questions to the candidates. joining me live from hofstra university in new york is susan page. she is the washington bureau chief for u.s.a. today. susan, give us an idea of the stakes of this -- what about the idea that it will be the voters asking the questions, not necessarily a moderator. how does that change things for both of them? >> you and i know it is easy to be rude to a reporter, sometimes they cheer you on. but you cannot be rude to a voter who is asking you a question, even a tough question you don't want to answer. i think it makes it harder for these candidates to avoid answering a question or to be disrespectful to the questioner. it is a great format. i love the town hall debates. i was talking about the town hall four years ago that i covered between barack
with usa today to be your fact checking authority. anita brikman live now at usa today hq with the fact checking team. ready or nothere can only biden and ryan. >> reporter: it could be a heated one tonight, derek. yes, we are ready. the political team here at usa today is staying late to watch the debate with us and be with us at 9news at 11:00. we don't just want our viewers to watchous channel 9. we want that, but we -- watch us on channel 9. we want that, but we want you on facebook and twitter joining the conversation. here's what will happen tonight. once the debate starts usa today reporters will be live blogging what the candidates say. you can track that on and take part in conversations via our facebook page and twitter feeds. if you're not near a tv to watch the debate on channel 9, it will be live streamed on our website. then at 11:00 i'll be fact checking the debate with the usa today political team and checking back in with you, derek. it is going to be an exciting night. >> looking forward to it. thank you. >>> four people have to find somewhere else to sl
and only shot at a vice presidential debate. our colleague anita brikman is anchoring our coverage from usa today headquarters in mclean, virginia. good to see you. >> reporter: i'm here in the  usa today newsroom which will be our home base for tonight's coverage of the one and only 2012 vice presidential debate. this is where usa today's reporters will be live blogging and fact checking what both vice president biden and congressman ryan have to say when they face off tonight. in less than four hours these two skilled politicians will square off looking to give their running mates abuse in this very close presidential campaign. susan mcguiness has the latest -- a boost in this very close presidential campaign. susan mcguiness has the latest from kentucky. vice president joe biden touched down in kentucky eager to square off with republican challenger paul ryan. ready for the debate? >> look forward to it. >> reporter: congressman ryan says he's looking forward to getting out the republican ticket's message. >> i'm excited because we have a chance yet again to offer this country a ver
treatment using heat which could help. anita brikman has more. >> when your eyes get very dry, you start to get very tired. you can't -- you don't want to keep your eyes open. >> reporter: beth at potomac has had dry eyes for as long as she can remember. not only do they burn and itch at times, but she gets headaches and unrerecenting fatigue-- >> relenting fatigue. >> i get very drowsy. >> reporter: dry eyes affect more than 20 million people in the u.s. and nearly 40% of those people experience symptoms on a regular basis. >> one of the biggest culprits is hormonal changes. this is a very, very common problem in females over 40. >> reporter: dr. alan glazier of rockville has a new treatment that promises to combat the symptoms without medication or constant use of eye drops. >> it's a procedure that helps people who have evaporative dry eye. >> reporter: 85% of dry eye is the evaporative type which grands in the eyelids have trouble producing the oils that control your tears. the glands can become clogged over the years. >> the scientists who invented lipiflow determined the exact temp
effort from parents, coaches and teachers. anita brikman has more new innovations which are helping everyone. >> reporter: this fall, 14-year- old tyler was hoping this year goes more smoothly than last. a snowboarding accident left him with a concussion and his mom in shock about what recovery would mean for her son. >> i had no idea. i had no idea that he would miss so much -- so many sports and so much of school. it was a month of schoolwork we had to make up. >> reporter: liz's reaction is not uncommon. in fact many teachers are surprised the effects of concussion can linger for weeks. but it's here in the classroom that some feel a team approach can be most effective to helping the kids. >> the doctors are the experts but the educators can really really help get the student through this rough time. >> reporter: to do that a team of specialists at nationwide children's hospital have developed this. a comprehensive tool kit with information for parents and coaches but also teachers. >> it helps assign roles to each of the members in this process what their responsibilities are. >
the truth as they sparred in the debate tonight? well, anita brikman is at usa today headquarters in maclaine. she's got the fact checkers with her. and we're at the university of maryland where students are weighing in on the candidates' words. first gary nurenberg, i think we agree never seen one like this before. >> reporter: this was nothing like the first debate. when you're asleep you can get nightmares. after the nightmare of the last two weeks for president obama who was accused of being asleep during the first one, he was totally awake for this one. an off-tv prediction. >> it's going to be a great night. >> reporter: it started with smiles but got in your face fast. >> when governor romney said we should let detroit go bankrupt, i said we're going to bet on american workers. >> you took general motors bankrupt, you took chrysler bankrupt so when you say i wanted to take the auto industry the bankrupt, you actually did. >> what governor romney said just isn't true. he wanted to take them into bankruptcy without providing them any way to stay open. >> reporter: in your fac
you can find us any time at i'm anita brikman. have a great night. >>> "entertainment tonight" the worldwide leader in entertainment news. >> arnold's backlash. is it rep addition damaged beyond repair? >> is that the only affair? >> no, i'm not perfect. >> how maria handled the crisis. >> i just try to get up every day, and some days are harder than others. >> plus "et" with the man who thought he was the father of arnold's love child. >> i love him, he's my son. >> anne hathaway's surprise wedding. details on her gown, the groom, the tent, and the kids playing volleyball. >> i think the likelihood of me being married before i have kids is slim. >> it's justin bieber week on "et." >> he kicks off his new world tour.
. they do so much. the calendar is $25. >> andrea roane and anita brikman along with jc are in the calendar. you get to see them with their dogs. >> if you go to, we have a link to critters for the cure. you can pick up this calendar. you really will be helping women who need your help. >>> it stopped raining. >> the fog is gone. we're in much better shape for the afternoon. seeing a little sung. the clouds are starting to -- sun. the clouds are starting to break. it's not going to be a crystal clear blue day but certainly better than the morning. it's going to be warm, too. we have areas south and east of town in the low 80s. look at the rains -- we're going to range from the mid- to upper 70s to the mid-80s south and east. winds out of the southwest, south 5 to 10 miles an hour. there could be a stray shower this afternoon. we'll be mostly cloudy tonight. so going to that nats game, last home season game before the playoffs, well, they've got -- start here at about 1:05. it will be a decent afternoon for it. the southwesterly flow continuing to bring the clouds. there's a sp
the cover. >> i'll tell you who's in it. andrea roane and also anita brikman with her lovely dog. this is andrea. >> beautiful. >> you on the cover. >> critters for the cure. go to and i'll have information where you can -- and you can support research for cancer. that's what this is doing. >>> let's talk about the rain we had. it really was pouring this morning. good news is, well, it's washed out the allergy counts so the air is clean but also the heaviest stuff has pulled away. day planner for the rest of the afternoon. we're still going to see a few showers, even areas of drizzle north and west. you're probably going to struggle to get to the low 70s but areas south and east of town will be in the mid-70s. maybe even near 80 in southern maryland. it's not going to be raining like it was this morning but we still have a few heavier showers out there to go through during the afternoon. first pitch tonight, nats, phillies, 7:05. 75 degrees. there could be a shower tonight for the ballgame. winds southeast 7 miles an hour. you notice the rains we had this morning. b
. well that is our report. i had be right back here at 11:00 along with anita brikman and topper shutt. don't forget to log on any time to bye. >>> "entertainment tonight," the worldwide leader in entertainment news. >>> mitt shines in primetime. but was it a game changer? >> the president did seem a little rusty. >> "e.t." with the stars today, reacting to the romney smackdown. >> how damaging was the debate for the president? can he make a comeback? >> remember the debate. abcs -- always be attacking. >> did nicki minaj threatened ma rye dwra carey's life? the fallout from their "american idol" feud today. >>> then, nicole scherzinger's dangerous eating disorder. binging. purging and opening up about her hidden shame.
here at 11:00 along with anita brikman and topper shutt and tonight we'll have the latest on the race for the white house. don't forget, log on any time you like to see you a bit later. bye bye. >>> "entertainment tonight." the worldwide leader in entertainment news. >> "e.t." has the proof. robert pattinson and credit tin stewart back together. the exclusive new video. their late-night rendezvous, seen together for the first time since the scandal. >>> kanye in a rage. going after a female photographer. >> [ bleep ]. >> out in miami with kim at the same place as her ex. >> kim, did you know reggie's here having dinner? >> what set kanye off? >>> kim in a cat suit? the revealing new photo. >>> did russell crowe and his wife split up? new shots of the couple at opposite ends of the globe. what we know about what may have gone wrong. >>> high lee cyrus and her new do to "two and a half men." >>> rihanna. her stunning "vogue" shoot. >> my second "vogue"
evening. i'm anita brikman coming to you live from usa today headquarters in mclean. we'll go back to the studio in a few minutes for more of today's headlines, but right now a preview of this all important vice presidential debate from reporter emily schmidt. >> reporter: tonight marks paul ryan's and joe biden's one chance to vie for the no. 2 job. biden joked with reporters. >> you ever seen me rope a dope? >> reporter: but this is his chance to make up for what was widely perceived as a loss by president obama to mitt romney in last week's debate. >> the vice president is very much looking forward to the debate tonight because there are really clear distinctions between the president and mitt romney even if governor romney is trying to fuzzy up those distinctions in the final weeks of the campaign. >> reporter: biden has done this before debating sarah palin in 2008. it's ryan's biggest ever debate stage. he's talking of studying 40 pounds of paperwork as republicans try to build up biden's debate skills. >> i've known paul for a long, long time. he's always hit the ball out
skins. >> go o's! >> have a great weekend. >>> i'm anita brikman with this health alert and some surprising news about organic foods that are often more pricey. a review of hundreds of studies by stanford university found organics are no safer or nutritious than conventionally grown food. they did find nonorganic foods and vegetables are more likely to have pesticide residue but not at unsafe levels.
:00 along with anita brikman. don't forget, log on any time you like to we'll see you a bit later. >>> "entertainment tonight," the worldwide leader in entertainment news. >>> did this pro dancer come between russell crowe and his wife? >> did you have an affair with danielle? >> his new "e.t." interview revealing the communication he just had with crowe. >>> plus the new shots of russell working in new york. >>> then -- katy perry and john mayer are back on. the new video. >>> and demi at 50. >> how is she coping with ashton dating 29-year-old? >>> hollywood women sound off as mitt's debate comment goes viral. >> brought us whole binders full of women. >> the jokes. the tweets. the fallout today. >>> then -- ♪ >> susan boyle painfully shy after her "dancing with the stars" duet with donny osmond.
regarding two of its defensive stars. i'll have that report for you in sports next. >>> i'm anita brikman with this health alert and surprising news about organic foods that are often more pricey. a review of hundreds of studies by stanford university found organics are no safer or nutritious than conventionally grown food. they did find nonorganic fruits and vegetables are more likely to have more pesticide residue but not at unsafe levels. >> this health alert is sponsored by cancer treatment centers of america. >>> and now 9 sports with kristen berset. >> redskins receiver aldrick robinson woke up this morning and tweeted being off on monday is the perfect way to start the week. i bet some of you and us wish we had that same perk. the redskins enjoying a much deserved victory monday after an impressive team effort on sunday. they upset of the 4-1 vikings and even though it wasn't a perfect game, all three facets of this redskins team did their job. rg3 was electrifying. special teams was solid and the one-man gang himself lorenzo alexander finally picked up the first interception of hi
as well. go nats! i'm anita brikman. >>> "entertainment tonight," the worldwide leader in entertainment news. >>> lindsay lohan with "e.t." after the blowup with her mom. >> it's a long story. >> the claim that dina was on cocaine. why she's mad at her dad. >> i don't have any reason. >> plus, paris, prince and blanket. our new interview with michael jackson's kids. >> maybe a reality show in the works? >> and a tearful bobbi kristina as the stars remember whitney. >> then "cheers'" greatest moment, the top ten "cheers" episodes we love the most. >> totally insane. >> the cast counts them down with "e.t." ♪ kelly, kelly, kelly, kelly >> the laughs, the tears. >> i do. >> the wedding, the proposal. >> will you marry me? >> i thought you were going to kill me.
anita brikman and her guy. these are great calendars. we're not survivors. how did we make the calendar? >> we decided this year to shake it up. this is the first year where we've included three doctors, two surgeons, and a radiologien comingist, all three that -- radiologist oncologist, all three that have touched people and jc hayward has unfortunately joined the sorority of breast cancer survivors and the two of you because do you so much with women's health. >> we're pleased to be a part of this. it is a fund-raiser. how do you use the money? how much are the calendars? >> the calendars are $19.95. they have stories in here as well from some of the cancer patients and doctors. >> you use the money to? >> we raise money to basically financially help women who are going through breast and gyn related cancers. we pay for just about anything they need throughout their cancer journey. >> critters for the cure, as it says it's the unspoken needs that really need the help financially and we thank critters for the cure for doing that. sully, good to see you. kiwi, calendar boy, hey, you did
. >>> welcome back to 9news. i'm anita brikman in the "u.s.a. today" newsroom where he'll be covering the debate. i have an important health alert coming from children's doctors in the u.s. there are a growing number of injuries to cheerleaders. there are new guidelines out to make the sport a safer one. >> reporter: the varsity cheerleading squad is practicing before the big game. it can be fun but it can also be dangerous. >> i just got my second concussion. i sprained a lot of things and a lot of black eyes. >> reporter: cheerleading injuries has been on the rise for years. now the american academy of pediatrics is putting out new guidelines that say cheerleading should be designated as a sport in all states, a designation that would ensure cheerleaders certain safety measures. >> mandatory presport physicals, access to appropriately certified coaches, access to training programs. >> reporter: cheerleading has become more competitive in recent years and routines involve more difficult and complex moves. each year there are about 26,000 injuries in the u.s. other recommendations including no s
.s.a. today newsroom. anita brikman is live in the studio. i'm joined by paul singer. he is the politics editor where they are fact checking the debate as it happens. >> how much they say is true and what isn't quite. >> check on our website where we link to u.s.a. today's website. in the meantime, we get to the
.com. i'm anita brikman. good night.
evening. i'm anita brikman. >> and i'm derek mcginty. >> we have breaking news to talk about. every available police officer in prince george's county is on the lookout for three young children abducted in a carjacking. an amber alert has been issued. >> it happened around 9:40 this evening at liberty gas station. the car is a nissan altima. the three children are under the age of 6. we'll update this story as we get more information. now we go back to the monster storm with the deceive tily gentle name making its presence felt all across our neighborhoods tonight. there are lots of closings to tell you about for tomorrow, but if you plan on going anywhere, you wouldn't be able to take the metro. no trains, no buses. we've also got school closings to tell you about tonight. in maryland schools are closed in prince george's county and in virginia no classes in fairfax, loudoun and arlington county schools. >> the federal government is closed tomorrow. mark is shut down and amtrakcancelled most eastern trains. we have it on our website, throughout this expanded broadcast to
more debate coverage ahead. we'll check back in with anita brikman and the fact checkers at usa today. plus a look at what people were saying on twitter about tonight's debate and there was a whole lot of tweeting going on. moving on to social security, saving it as a matter of fact. a 1.7% cost of increase will go into effect but for millions of americans that is not stuff. our ken molestina is live to explain why recipients of social security may be struggling to scrape by with that. >> reporter: social security benefits continue to be a highly contested issue during the election season. following the announcement of the living adjustment the debate is taking center stage. >> reporter: alberta has been retired since 1990. she's battling breast cancer and depends on her social security. now, she wants her fair cut. >> we are not asking for a handout. we are asking for a hand up. >> reporter: help she says in getting back from a program she invested in her entire life as a postal worker. >> we have already paid our dues, as long as we have worked. >> reporter: the new plan outlined to
brikman is anchoring down in mcclane. hey anita. >> i am in the neroom here at u.s.a. today. it's going to be our home base for our coverage of today's presidential debate on the campus of hofstra university. this is where u.s.a. today reporters will be fact checking what the candidates say and live blogging about what president obama and mitt romney say in the response to questions tonight. romney's strong performance gave him a much needed boost. the obama campaign is promising a more energized president is going to be showing up tonight. susan has the latest from hempstead, new york. >> reporter: the president and mitt romney square off here in a few hours in this less formal town hall style debate, the president needs to take control without being too aggressive. mitt romney needs to retain that dominance he had in the last debate and do no harm. >> an upbeat president obama emerged from the virginia resort where he spent the last three days practicing for debate number two. >> how are you feeling about tonight? >> i feel fabulous. look at this beautiful day. >> the president k
derek mcginty and anita brikman to find out what the "u.s.a. today" fact checkers have to say about the candidates. all the coverage you need right here on 9news now. >>> right now our time is coming up on 6:09. we'll have more news, weather and traffic when we return. >>> howard here with your weather first. we're dealing with a brink start. we'll warm only to the middle 50s by lunch time. lots of sunshine. highs getting into the lower 60s. i'll be back in a few minutes with the weekend forecast. >>> over in montgomery county, things are fine on 270. you have slow traffic at route 109. here on the outer loop of the beltway heading for route 355, watch out for that accident cleanup on the ramp to northbound route 355. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 6:18. back to you guys. >>> jessica doyle is back. >> she's watching your money and your car and its safety. >> that's right. we told but this problem yesterday with fake air bags. we now have more information to share with you. if you replaced your car's air bag in the past three years, the new air bag could be an unsafe fak
derek mcginty and anita brikman as they fact check what the candidates say with the "u.s.a. today" fact checking team. that's all thursday night. we'll be right back. howard is up next with the forecast. >>> welcome back. it's 6:12 and 58 degrees. monika here with your timesaver traffic. the beltway here at pennsylvania avenue looks great. no problems to report in prince george's county. in charles county an accident involving a tractor-trailer, northbound route 5 after gallon green road. also southbound bw parkway ramp to powder mill road, two separate accidents. i'll be back with more coming up in a few minutes. >>> it is 6:12. jessica doyle is back and she has another your money report. >> she says look out, drivers. there's something you need to be aware of this morning. >> that's right. this morning goes out to people who have had an air bag replaced in the last three years. if this is you, auto industry officials say the national highway traffic safety administration has alerted them that thousands of car owners may be driving vehicles with counterfeit air bags. some of those air
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)